3 Additional Qualities Desirable in a Legal Nurse Consultant

It’s not a profession that you would normally associate with nursing, but law and medicine have established a comfortable alliance that seems to be working well for nursing professionals who’re looking for something different in the non-clinical sector. Legal nurse consultants have come a long way in establishing their usefulness and expertise in medico legal cases. And it’s not just established nurses looking for a change who’re taking to this profession – legal nurse consulting is an attractive option to those who plan their careers while in college. Many students are earning their RN license and spending some time in the medical sphere gaining experience before moving into the legal world to become legal nurse consultants. If you’re thinking of going down this path, here are a few additional qualifications (besides your RN and CLNC licensures) that will come in handy:

  • Technology skills: Being tech savvy is a basic necessity today, what with the proliferation of technological gadgets and innovations and their inroads into every aspect of our lives. So as an LNC who knows your way around technology, you’re more sought after for professional positions than others who struggle to come to terms with it. Besides being generally comfortable around technology, make an effort to understand and master technology that’s used in the legal nurse consulting field.
  • Ethics: While all medical professions call for ethical behavior, moving to the legal world may tend to blur the lines between right and wrong and make you believe that shades of gray are acceptable. However, as a legal nurse consultant, you’re still expected to uphold the sense of ethics and morals that you had when you were an RN. Your job is to interpret medical reports and explain them to the concerned attorneys, not twist their meanings to suit the case you’re working on. An ethical LNC is always in higher demand than one with a shady reputation.
  • Credibility: Legal nurse consultants are sometimes called to the stand to provide testimony in medico legal cases, and unless your credibility is absolutely impeccable, there’s no way you’re going to come off as believable to the jury. Some people are skilled and knowledgeable and have the necessary know-how to be expert witnesses; however, they are not convincing or confident on the witness stand. LNCs must be able to stand firm under grueling cross examination and hold their own without crumbling under repeated questioning and badgering by attorneys in the opposing camp.

There’s more people-skills involved in being a legal nurse consultant, so if you’re the shy kind of RN who prefers to keep to yourself, you need to work on your communication and interaction skills before you switch to becoming an LNC.