50 Must-Follow Football Twitter Feeds

Football fans want around the clock news updates all of the time. With your smartphone, you can follow these top football Twitter feeds to stay posted on who got cut, who’s being traded and who’s injured when you’re on the go. These football Twitter feeds will keep you in-the-loop whether you want to stay updated on football news, fantasy football tips or just want to keep up with your favorite college football team.

Top Football Twitter Feeds

If you’re looking to keep track of football as a whole, check out these Twitter feeds for what’s hot and happening and get instant updates sent right to you without having to sit through the boring bits on Sports Center.

  1. @espn Here’s all of the sports news you need and if it’s football season, you can expect countless daily updates from the go-to source in sports.
  2. @NFLONFOX Fox keeps you posted on the latest and greates going on in the world of football.
  3. @NFLplayersfans This Twitter feed is aimed at giving fans the news they need and giving you the scoop on teams and players who also tweet.
  4. @NFL_Updates Get multiple updates a day when the season is on from this football news Twitter feed.
  5. @TheRedzoneorg This Twitter feed is connected with the super popular football news blog, which also offers analysis on games and trades.
  6. @sportspicks If you’re a bettin’ man, this is the Twitter feed for you since it offers tips on making prime picks for upcoming games.
  7. @SportsAudio Whatever season it is, this Twitter feed gives you around the clock news and when football is in full swing, they’re the folks to follow for constant updates.
  8. @SportsCenter Since watching the show can bore you to death, get all of your news the fastest way possible by subscribing to the news-only feed (which doesn’t shout at you, unlike the television show).
  9. @SI_PeterKing The guy who heads up Sports Illustrated’s NFL coverage sounds off daily on this Twitter feed.
  10. @AdamSchefter While these aren’t personal tweets, following this ESPN anchor’s feed gets you all of the football news you can use in one concise place.
  11. @NFLprguy We love this feed because the PR guy actually tweets and gives insight on working on the inside.
  12. @YahooSportsNFL The senior writer for Yahoo Sports gets chatty about football and more and is always eager to interact with fellow Twitter-bugs.
  13. @judybattista The New York Times writer gives her opinion on trades, wins and losses. Plus, she loves chatting with football fans, making her worth following.
  14. @ProFootballHOF For all your news on Hall of Fame hopefuls and those who make the cut, this is the Twitter feed to follow.
  15. @InsideNFLmedia This Twitter feed almost works as a feed for all of the other football feeds mentioned since they’re a major fan of re-tweeting football news.

Top Fantasy Football Twitter Feeds

Fantasy football is one of the most played fantasy sports around. Learn how to make a pick, when to trade and how to size up the competition by following these fantasy football Twitter feeds.

  1. @NFLfantasy Get fantasy football updates straight from the horse’s mouth when following this Twitter feed.
  2. @FantasyInsider This Twitter feed is like a roundup of fantasy football news you need to know to make your next move.
  3. @NFLFantasyNews You won’t believe the amount of updates and fantasy football news you’ll learn from this Twitter feed that tweets numerous times per day.
  4. @CommishChick This chick isn’t afraid to share her thoughts on fantasy football players and trades and is eager to chat with other fantasy football addicts.
  5. @FantasyFools Get player profiles and more from this Twitter feed that’s all fantasy football news and advice.
  6. @SigmundBloom This fantasy football writer tweets with other fantasy football nuts and offers advice on trades and upcoming games.
  7. @DraftSharks This one’s for hardcore fantasy football fans who want stats and numbers when choosing and trading players.
  8. @Rotoworld_FB Follow this Twitter feed for instant football news and fantasy football advice tweeted multiple times per day.
  9. @ffgeekblog This is the Twitter feed of the ever-popular fantasy football website.
  10. @FantasyBlitz Concise fantasy football updates and no re-tweets makes this Twitter feed worth following and checking regularly.
  11. @PFF_Fantasy There’s so much fantasy football advice offered through this single Twitter feed that you may find yourself checking the archived tweets for even more great tips.
  12. @FantasyJedi Get tips from a fantasy football pro who is always chatting with others about their leagues and moves.
  13. @FantasyTackles Here you’ll find fantasy football tips, picks and who to keep your eye on during draft season.
  14. @FantasyExchange Follow this fantasy football Twitter feed and get a heads-up of when the podcast that chats about all things fantasy football is playing online.

Top College Football Twitter Feeds

Whether you’re an alum or just have a favorite team based on nothing at all, these are the football Twitter feeds to follow when keeping up with NCAA football.

  1. @CollegeFootball College football lovers will adore the amount of knowledge this guy can churn out each day on the subject.
  2. @BillisKing Get tons of college football coverage from one of the major players in the industry.
  3. @HeismanNews Find out what’s going with players after the college football season is over and who’s worth watching for next year.
  4. @BryanDFischer This CBS Sports reporter is all about getting college football news to fans fast and updates often.
  5. @accblogger This guy blogs on all college sports, but when football is in season, he’s the one to follow for tips play injuries and predictions.
  6. @College_FB This site has over 40 thousand fans on Facebook, so you know it’s worth a follow if you’re interested in college football.
  7. @CollegeF00tball Consider this Twitter feed the place to be when you want all of your college football news in one concise format and place.
  8. @CollegeFB_News Get plenty of updates on who’s headed to the NFL, who’s changing schools and who’s staying put.
  9. @InTheBleachers This writer offers a fresh analytical look at the world of college football and is one of the most prolific tweeters around.
  10. @accfootballnews Get college football news and bowl updates when the season is in session from this Twitter feed.
  11. @ESPN_ACC The go-to source in sports offers their news on all things college sports and focuses on football when it’s in season.
  12. @FootballPreview If betting is your thing, this is the Twitter feed for tips and analysis on sure things in college football.
  13. @InsideTexas Get the scoop on University of Texas players and new recruits for all sports.
  14. @ohiostfootball If you’re a Buckeyes fan, you’ll want to follow this Twitter feed for info on the team any time of the year.
  15. @bighouse For Wolverines fans, there’s no other Twitter feed that gives you as much news on the blue and gold.
  16. @LSUFOOTBALLNEWS If there’s news happening with the Tigers, you can expect to hear about it at from this Twitter feed first.
  17. @SOONERFOOTBALL For Sooner fans, this Twitter feed is the best way to keep up with all of your University of Oklahoma football news.
  18. @uscfootball This popular football team gets tons of press and this Twitter feed is the first to bring you the latest news on the University of Southern California football team.
  19. @pac10 After Oregon’s win, you can bet the coverage coming from this Twitter site will only balloon with the coming college football season.
  20. @big12network This is the Twitter associated with the television channel that gives you all of the Big 12 coverage you can handle.
  21. @bigtenconf Those who follow the Big 10 will love this Twitter feed which covers college football teams from the Northern Mid-West.

If you love football, you’ll love how easy Twitter makes it to find all of the news you need to know in just seconds. Unlike sitting through tedious sports shows on TV or roaming mindless websites without any real insight on what’s going on, these incredibly active Twitter feeds give you what’s happening without all of the commercials and pop-up ads.