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Top 50 Free and Excellent Web Apps for Law Students

There are many law students looking for a way to get ahead. From vying for law scholarships, to looking for the chance to do the best internship, to trying to graduate at the top of your clase, you need every advantage you can get. Law school is tough, and the competition is tougher. It is vital that you do everything in your power to maintain an edge.

Technology can help you be a better law student and get ahead. Whether your law career path will take you to the criminal courts or result in international specialties, there are apps that can help  you become a better student of the law. Here are 50 free web apps for law students:

General Legal Research Apps

If you are looking for law definitions, procedural hints, or just want information on a specific case, these web apps can help you. Find out more about the law with help from the following apps.

  1. Legal Information Institute: Cornell University offers this helpful, searchable resource.
  2. Oyez: Use this to follow what’s happening with the Supreme Court. Browse past cases as well.
  3. Google Scholar: You can look for legal opinions and journal articles with this great web app.
  4. Fastcase for the iPad: Free app for your tablet computer. Great on the go.
  5. FindLaw: Great research resource for law in a variety of specialties — including international law.
  6. Justia: Search by legal practice area. Plenty of available information for the law student looking to do his or her best.
  7. Public Library of Law: Head over to this web resource and find information you might be looking for.
  8. Research Guides: These resources from Duke’s Goodson Law Library offer insight and helpful information.

Constitution Apps

The law of the land can be found in the Constitution. If you want more information on the highest law we have in America, you can make use of these web apps, which can help you search the Constitution, and even provide you with commentary and insight.

  1. U.S. Constitution: This free app for iPhone or iPad is a great resource. The full text of the U.S. Constitution at your fingertips.
  2. United States Constitution: This app is available for Android users.
  3. U.S. Constitution Online: Great web resource. Jump to different sections, or read the text in its entirety.
  4. Constitution of the United States: provides a look at the Constitution, as well as other resources related to the founding of the country.
  5. The United States Constitution: Includes notes, and links to relevant resources to help you learn more about this living document.
  6. A look at various facts surrounding the Constitution.

Media Law and Internet Law Apps

Technology has provided us with a new frontier. Take a look at media law, information law and other aspects of our interesting new world.

  1. Media Law Web: Great resource from the University of Winchester.
  2. Citizen Media Law Project: A look at media law, and the citizen’s place in it.
  3. Bitlaw: Offers plenty of interesting information on Internet law, copyright law, and more.
  4. Stanford Center for Internet and Society: Insight into the INternet and law from Stanford University.
  5. Internet Law: Great eCasebook about Internet law and regulation.

Civil Law Apps

If your focus is civil law, these apps can help you. Find out more about the ins and outs of the civil court system, find out about precedents, and get the tools you need to improve your knowledge. Includes family law and other areas of civil interest and import.

  1. Federal Rules of Civil Procedure: Free iPhone app to help you keep up with procedure.
  2. Civil Law Online: A look at civil law, including an emphasis on Louisiana civil law.
  3. Civil Rights Law – U.S.: Resources related to civil law.
  4. mEasySoft: Free app for iPhone and iPad, Android and Blackberry. Meant for family law.
  5. Civil Law & Procedure: Information from the Wisconsin State Law Library.
  6. Federal Civil Procedure: Access different cases, as well as a variety of resources.

Corporate Law Apps

In the corporate world, things can be very different. Read up on corporate case law and precedents, and use these apps to get a better idea of how corporate law functions. Includes a look at corporate tax law as well.

  1. The Book of Jargon: Great app related to corporate law and finance.
  2. Business Law: A look at business and corporate law.
  3. Business Law Glossary: Terms related to business law and information.
  4. SECLaw: Securities law resources that can help you learn more about this aspect of corporate law.
  5. Commercial Law: Information from about commercial law.
  6. Corporate Law: Interesting information about corporate law.

Criminal Law Apps

The criminal justice system is an interesting one — one that has a number of rules and procedural items. Get help with these aspects of criminal law, and find out more about past verdicts. Also, find insight into sentencing and appeals.

  1. Criminal Law and Procedure – State and Federal: Procedure related to state and federal laws.
  2. Criminal Law Online: Podcasts, information and more related to criminal law.
  3. National Criminal Justice Reference Service: Find out about different aspects of criminal law.
  4. Comparative Criminal Procedure: Get an idea of criminal procedure with the help of this guide.
  5. Criminal Law Library of NYC: Resources for criminal law and information.

International Law


Specializing in international law can be very interesting. You can come in contact with other systems of law. Additionally, you learn how cross-border disputes are handled. These apps can help you keep it all straight.

  1. Global Legal Information Network: A look at global legal information.
  2. Max Planck Encyclopedia of Public International Law: Take a look at international public law.
  3. International Law: Resource and app from the United Nations.
  4. Guide to Research Foreign Law on the Internet: Helpful hints from Harvard Law about foreign/international law.
  5. Foreign, Comparative & International Law: Information related to different laws around the world.
  6. Treaty Law: A look at how treaty law works on an international basis.

Organizational Apps

No law student can function efficiently without proper organization. These web apps will help you keep your assignments straight, make it to meetings on time, and record your thoughts. Plenty of help for the dedicated law student.

  1. Simplenote: Create lists, take notes and do more.
  2. ThinkFree: Online web apps for all your office needs.
  3. 30 Boxes: Great calendar app that provides you with scheduling options.
  4. Zotero: Great web app meant for citation management.
  5. Soshiku: Homework planner that can help you keep track of what’s happening with your law studies.
  6. Writeboard: Great collaboration tool. You can revise and compare.
  7. MyGoya: An online desktop that helps you keep track of everything you need.
  8. Todoist: A to-do list and calendar that can help you keep track of your assignments and more.

Top 20 iPad Apps for Attorneys

Whether an attorney with decades of experience or a pre-law student, if you have an iPad (or even iPhone), you have a tool to help you like never before. With a briefcase and backpack only able to hold so much, you can now use the iPad as an all in one tool to make your life in the legal world far easier.

To make the most of your iPad, we have gathered the top 20 iPad apps for attorneys below. They include everything from a legal dictionary to court reporter that can fit in your virtual pocket. Everyone from the overpaid lawyer to the struggling student will find both free and paid options that work for them below. Continue reading →