Top 50 Web Forums for Attorneys

If on the quest for a degree in law or already on the path to a career, the law is changing as fast as judges can slam a gavel. With past and current laws being difficult to keep up with, it can be a downright impossible task to consult a legal book or lawyer each time a question arises. If you feel a tad overwhelmed, you are not alone. The web is full of sites, blogs, and message boards all dedicated to connecting questions with answers.

If you have a question that just can’t wait, why not research it on the web? To help keep answers just a click away, we have listed the top 50 web forums for attorneys below. They can help everyone from the licensed lawyer to the freshman law student and even clients find the answers to their burning legal questions.

Top Monster Web Forums for Attorneys

    A leading legal site, their forums are also not to be missed. Most active discussions are listed at the very top, while scrolling down gives you even more. They also offer many legal forms, resources, and even a blog to help make sense of it all.
  2. The Law
    Similar to the above, this site offers everything you could imagine in a legal site, including a massive forum. There is an A to Z section of categories to choose from and even sub-categories within them. Be sure not to miss the Law Library with more.
  3. Legal Nut
    Get discussions for everyone from law students to practicing attorneys here. They also have legal news and even a special section for passing the LSAT. They also have relevant articles for the reading.
  4. Free Advice
    Get just what the title promises with a visit here. Free legal advice comes in every subject from auto accident to wills. There is even insurance advice on the site.
  5. The Attorneys Forum
    Instead of massive boards that go everywhere, this forum is simpler and offers more ease in finding what you’re looking for. They include latest posting, how many are viewing now, and even a little preview of the latest comment.
  6. Law Info
    Visit here to get 872 rooms on various subjects for attorneys. They provide an opportunity to share information based upon an array of legal topics. You can even search for federal or class action legal discussions.
  7. Undercover Lawyer
    This forum bills itself as “what your boss does not want you to know.” A lot of work-related issues are discussed here. A few samples include early retirement, discrimination, and contingency vs. hourly fees.
  8. About Law
    If working as a law practice manager or for one, these forums have items for you. It is run by William Pfeifer of who has lots to say on his blog for There are even essential reads on it such as “Become the Expert in Your Specialty” and “Lawyer Email Scams.”
  9. Law Vibe
    This forum allows visitors from all over the world to come and discuss law. Five main topics include legal profession, law student, shooting the breeze, updates, and a suggestion box.
  10. Expert Law
    Finally, if you can’t find it in the above, you can probably find it here. The folks at Expert Law have the specific goal of helping visitors find answers to their legal questions. There are loads of forums to choose from as well as legal articles, litigation support, and even expert witnesses.

Top Web Forums for Student Attorneys

  1. Law School
    Possibly one of the hardest parts of becoming an attorney, this forum is all about law school. Get tips for admissions, what to do during school, and more. Be sure not to miss the main site from with much more on law school.
  2. Law School Discussion
    These forums have been taking on the topic for over nine years now. Get tips for where to go, how to apply, and even for the LSAT. They even have boards specifically for individual law schools.
  3. Top Law Schools
    Like the above, this forum is all about law school. Topics include personal statements, what are your chances, financial aid, and others. You can even get information for transfer students and legal employment.
  4. Law Student
    Get a forum by and for law students here. Based in the UK, it is a great place to learn about laws overseas. Be sure not to miss the main site with more.
  5. The Student Room
    Visit here for another forum for students in the UK. With discussions for many subjects, they also have this one for future attorneys. You can also get many other topics just for students.
  6. Law Students CA
    Students studying to be attorneys in Canada should stop here. They have topics for current and future students. You can also get boards on individual law schools.
  7. All 4 JDs
    If getting a JD, check out this forum just for you. They have discussions arranged by exam, law school, and attorneys. You can even look for jobs or check out the classifieds.
  8. JD Underground
    Anonymity equals bluntness. Get posts on all sorts of student attorney items. A few include contract questions, why law sucks, and brag threads.
  9. Auto Admit
    If still having issues getting past the admissions stage of law school, click here. These legal discussion boards are all about how to get into school. Posts are listed from newest to oldest.
  10. JD2B
    The standout feature of this attorney forum is that the school being discussed is often the title of the post. Current ones include the Thomas M. Cooley Law School and Loyola University. You can even search for posts by school.

Top Career Web Forums for Attorneys

  1. Legal Careers returns again in this forum for those seeking a career in law. Current topics include job offers, mediators, getting a degree, and more. Be sure to visit the main site with loads more expert opinions and articles on the topic.
  2. Counsel Net
    Scroll down to get loads of online classified ads for attorneys. They include jobs, insurance, education, and many others. They also have chat boards for law students and practicing lawyers.
  3. Law Crossing
    They boast themselves as the number one legal jobs board. They have special sections just for attorneys, law students, and even legal support staff. You can also check out the top ten most viewed jobs with a click.
  4. Go In-House
    If an in-house attorney job is what you seek, stop here. They focus just on those kind of attorney jobs and offer categories such as compliance, litigation, property, and others. They even offer a free trial of their services.
  5. Labor Law Talk
    Get an interesting take on the law career forum here. They stick to the legal aspects of employment law such as hiring and firing. You can also get information on labor laws, discrimination, and disability.
  6. Employment Law Forum
    Click here for a forum for attorneys similar to the above. They specialize in labor law, human resources management, and related issues. They even have special forums for specific laws.
  7. Legal Week
    This popular online publication also features a jobs section. Choose to view jobs in every area from banking to technology. Be sure not to miss the main site for the latest news and expert opinions.
  8. Judged
    Stop here for a message board just for jobs. They also have a traditional message board for attorneys as well as other features. They even have law firm rankings and legal fun for lawyers.
  9. Law Jobs
    Use this site to find a job in area, location, or both. They offer little heard of choices such as positions in academia or non-profit. They also have news and views for job seekers.
  10. Law Match
    If you ever wished sites for attorneys worked like dating sites and had job listings, this is the site for you. On the web since 1996, their goal is to match attorneys with employers who need them. Simply stop in to join for free.

Top Specialty Web Forums for Attorneys

  1. National Bankruptcy Forum
    Unfortunately with the economy the way it is, bankruptcies are more common than ever. Stop by this forum to get topics in just that. You can choose by state, or simply read the latest. They can also help connect you to an attorney in your area.
  2. Vehicle and Traffic Forum
    No one is exempt from getting a moving violation every now and then. Check out this forum to get tips for and from those who have already been there. There are also other forums for other issues.
  3. Divorce Source
    Get online support for anyone going through a divorce here. They have forums by state and a selection of books on the topic. There are also forums for custody, grandparent’s rights, and other related areas.
  4. Dads Divorce
    Get forums on divorce from the father’s side here. There are tips for before, during, and after, as well as other areas. There is even an Ask a Lawyer section.
  5. Criminal Lawyer Forum
    Get criminal law for both attorneys and the public here. You can search for answers to many crime issues from drugs to sex crimes. There is even a section where criminal attorneys can advertise their services.
  6. Real Estate Law Forum
    Tips for buying and selling a home can be found on these law forums. They also discuss mortgage, landlord issues, and more. The main site also has other forums for attorneys.
  7. Business Law Questions and Answers
    Stop here where laws in the business area are both asked and answered. You can read the latest or add your own. The most current are on contracts and shutting down.
  8. Medical Malpractice Forum
    Get answers to questions on medical malpractice here. Topics are listed from newest to oldest. Most recent include a botched colon surgery and wrong medicine at a pharmacy.
  9. Social Security and Disability Law Forum
    Anonymous users stop by here to discuss pending Social Security and Disability cases. The benefits of vitamin D and laughing are most recently shared. The main site also has more forums.
  10. Intellectual Property
    Visit this forum to learn more about patent and copyright laws. They have the most recent posts on the homepage. You can also find jobs, statistics, and more on the site.

Other Top Web Forums for Attorneys

  1. Ask a Law Question
    Wish you could just get an answer to your question without looking all over the web? Then type it into this site to get an instant answer. There are loads of experts to choose from in various areas of the law.
  2. Court Forum
    This forum asks the question “what’s on your docket?” Scroll down to read more on what to do when charges are filed against you or how to file on others. There is even a section where you can ask an attorney.
  3. Court Records
    Get another forum on going to court with a visit here. There is a special section for both prosecutors and defenders.
  4. Law Tech Job Board
    If you combine your knowledge of law with some tech savvy, stop here. It features listings of jobs for people just like you. A few samples include business analyst of legal systems and a position in environmental law.
  5. National Association of Women Lawyers
    If you are a female attorney, learn more about the NAWL by checking out their forum. With a 100 year history, they have been helping women in law for a long time. You can also visit their main site with more.
  6. Goodreads
    Need to read a good book on the law? Then check out this massive online reading community with over 170 million books reviewed. There are reviews of many genres of books, including law.
  7. Paralegal City
    Get a forum for those who assist attorneys with a visit here. They allow paralegals to connect, share information, and have conversations about everything related to law, jobs, schools, salaries, and more. They even have sub-groups such as business and criminal law.
  8. NALS Community
    This is the official forum for a national association of legal professionals. The site has a very Facebook feel to it, in addition to other resources. Be sure to check out the main site with more.
  9. Point of Law
    Get a sort of legal forum for one here. This blog features discussions and opinions on many recent cases by a single blogger. Links also take you to sites of interest.
  10. Martindale
    If you still can’t find a forum that fits your needs, click here. This massive legal site has many forums for attorneys and their clients here. What is hot in the community, such as scams and successes, is often featured.